Bacon and Egg Ice Cream Recipe

By: Sheila Reynolds

Take your dessert to the next level with this Bacon and Egg Ice Cream Recipe. Yes, you read that correctly. This recipe is for bacon and egg ice cream.

It is rather unfortunate how many people are quick to turn away from this delicious dessert before they actually give it a fair chance. The truth is that bacon and eggs go great together and bacon is so salty that it really blends well with some sweet. Why not have your favorite breakfast meal for dessert? If you can get over the face that this is bacon and egg ice cream and actually give it a taste, this ice cream actually ends up being pretty delicious. When you are making this for other people it is usually better to wait until after they have tried it to tell them what they are eating.


6 slices of bacon
100 grams of butter
1 1/4 full cream milk
1 vanilla bean
12 egg yokes
600 milliliters of whipped cream

Check out this video tutorial to see just how quick and easy it is to make this delicious bacon and egg ice cream.

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