Bell Pepper Egg Flowers Recipe

By: Sheila Reynolds

You'll love this Bell Pepper Egg Flowers Recipe. Getting your children to eat fruits and vegetables can be very difficult. Getting them to get up for breakfast can also be difficult. With these "flowers" you can get them to down some protein and nutrients from the bell peppers. You will see your children's face light up with having such a unique dish to eat in the morning. The best part is it is easy enough to let them give you a hand in making it.


1 large bell pepper, sliced
4 medium eggs
1 tablespoon Parmesan cheese
2 teaspoons vegetable oil

The bell peppers you select can be green, yellow, orange, or red. It does not matter, making the creativity level of this meal put food selection in the child's hands. If you are eager to get your kids to run to the breakfast table, and know they are eating healthy, then watch the following video tutorial below.