Carrot Juice with Mint Garnish

By: Sheila Reynolds

Freshly Juiced Carrot Juice is one of those special juices that is so simple to make, so delicious, and yet so amazingly good for you. Because carrots are available year round, this is a great guilt free juice you can enjoy whenever you like. Adding a mint garnish just adds that little bit of pizzazz to dress up your carrot creation.

Carrot Juice with Mint Garnish Recipe

Recipe Ingredients:

4-5 medium sized carrots
fresh mint leaves


Hopefully you have a juicer, which makes this a super simple recipe. Clean and scrub the carrots and cut off the tops/leaves of carrot. Push through the juicer and garnish with the mint. You can also add some sprigs of mint into the juicer to add a little extra dimension to the juice.

If you do not own a juicer, you can add the carrots into a blender, add a little bit of water to get things moving, and then pour the carrot smoothie into a cheese cloth and squeeze the juice into a glass.

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