Caterpillar Grapes Kids Recipe

By: Sheila Reynolds

Caterpillar Grapes are a fun and creative way to get your kids to eat a healthy snack. Yes, you read that correctly. You can turn something as simple as a bag of grapes into something as adorable as a long caterpillar. These things are so cute that every time I've made them for a party or special occasion no one wants to eat them! I really like making these for children's birthday parties. If you can actually manage to get anyone to eat these adorable little caterpillars, the best part about them is the fact that they are a nutritious snack. It is definitely healthier to have these adorable little critters sitting out at your child's birthday party than a bowel of chips for them to snack on.


2/3 pounds of green grapes
short wooden skewers
1.75 ounce tube of writing white chocolate fudge
mini chocolate chips

Fortunately, making these adorable caterpillar grapes is actually very easy and only takes a couple minutes following this video tutorial.

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