Cheeseburger Cake Recipe

By: Sheila Reynolds

Ready for a Cheeseburger Cake Recipe? Now, chances are pretty good that you are probably thinking to yourself that there is no way you are going to eat a cheeseburger cake. After all, cheeseburgers and cake does not sound like it goes good together. Fortunately, cheeseburger cake does not literally mean that you are mixing cheeseburgers and cakes together. It is just a new and interesting way to eat cheeseburgers. The same old food does get boring after a while.


1 pound of ground beef
1 cup of chopped onions
4 ounces of green chilies (or jalapenos)
2 cups of baking mix
1/2 cup of mayonnaise
1/2 cup of ketchup
2 tbsps. of prepared mustard
2 tsps. of seasoned salt
1 egg
8 ounces of processed cheese

Cheeseburger cake is not only delicious and filling, but it is extremely easy to cook. Check out this video tutorial and you can learn just how easy it is to make.