Fig and Blue Cheese Appetizer Platter

By: Sheila Reynolds

This Fig and Blue Cheese Appetizer Platter is one of my favorite dishes to serve at wine tasting parties. Because of the Mediterranean theme of the figs and blue cheese, if you choose one from France, it is only appropriate to pair this up with bolder robust Mediterranean wines like old vine zines and bigger cabs.

Another good way to go is sweet wines from Sauternes or Rieslings. The salt of the blue cheese offsets the sweet these types of wines. The fig also compliments the sweet wine when it is cut with blue cheese.


  • Blue Cheese (Your French Cave Age Blue Cheese of Choice)
  • Figs


Simply slice large enough triangle of blue cheese to fit the crowd and do the same for the figs. This is such a simple platter that looks beautiful with the contrast between the white and reds of the figs.