Filipino Turon (Banana Dessert Burritos)

By: Sheila Reynolds

This exotic dessert from the Philippines is simple, but is full of fresh flavor. The Turon, is essentially a banana dessert burrito. You can do so much with this simple treat to create your own unique version. You can keep the jackfruit of replace it with other tasty fruit such as grapes, berries, or stone fruit. These are excellent served with a la mode with fresh coconut or vanilla ice cream. These are even so versatile you can match them with some delectable rice pudding. These are especially yummy when sprinkled with sugar and a chocolate sauce.


Burro Bananas (or other sweet bananas)
Spring Roll Wrappers
Jackfruit (or other favorite fruits)
Oil for frying

Powdered Sugar
Coconut Ice Cream

To learn how to make your own Turon, be sure to check out this instructional video:

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