Foods You Must Avoid When Dieting

By: Sheila Reynolds

There’s a lot of talk about moderation, especially when you’re trying to live healthier. But what foods or dishes should you really cut out completely when it matters most...dieting?

Foods You Must Avoid When Dieting

Smoothies: the ones you make at home are likely fine, but the ones from restaurants and stores are so full of sugar it’s not even funny. If you’re craving a refreshing treat, bust out the blender and mix fruit, ice and pure juice at home.

Wraps: Because the bread part is thinner, people think a wrap is has less calories than a sandwich made with bread; except it doesn’t. Those shells are huge, and if you must eat one, opt for a half a wrap. Otherwise, stick with bread.

Granola: Most store-bought varieties are coated in sugar (or worse, high fructose corn syrup) and have little in the way of nutrition.

Fancy coffee and tea drinks: They taste good because they’re loaded with sugar and fat (sorry!). Drink coffee and tea black or with just a bit of sugar or honey, and avoid blended drinks.

Flavored yogurt: Again, lots of sugar, and oftentimes a bunch of food colorings that you don’t want to be eating. Buy it plain and top it with fresh fruit, adding a bit of honey if necessary.

Salad dressing: Just about every bottle at the store is dripping in bad fats, sugar, and salt, plus a bunch of chemicals. With olive oil and your choice of vinegar, you can make any salad delicious and healthy, no bottle required.

Corn chips and pretzels: They seem like they’d be better than chips, but they aren’t. Made with enriched white flour and / or corn, in the end those potatoes are just better for you, even if they are a bit saltier.

Source: pgeveryday