Frogmore Stew Recipe

By: Sheila Reynolds

Here is classic Frogmore Stew recipe your family will love. The first time I tasted Frogmore stew was when I went to visit some of my family in South Carolina. I ended up making them write the recipe down, so I could take the dish home with me. My favorite part of this dish is the fact that you can easily add other types of seafood such as crab or lobster if you are looking for more variety. If you are someone who likes seafood, this dish tastes like you are eating seafood stew with Southern seasoning.


6 quarts of water
3/4 cups of Old Bay Seasoning
2 pounds of red potatoes
2 pounds of hot smoked sausage
12 ears of corn, husked and cleaned
4 pounds of fresh shrimp, unpeeled

Frogmore stew is one of those dishes that hearing people tell you about it really does not do it justice. You can check out this video tutorial to whip up some of this stew for you and your family to enjoy:

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