Fun Egg Recipes - For Kids and Adults Alike

By: Sheila Reynolds

Fun Egg Recipes - For Kids and Adults Alike
Use one (or all) of these fun egg recipes to have a blast with your hardboiled eggs!

  1. Don’t just top deviled eggs with the classic paprika. Sprinkles of Old Bay seasoning, a few pinches of garlic and parsley mix, or a dot of wasabi are fantastic, fun spins.

  2. Get rid of the yolk and use the egg white as a base for fun appetizers. Salsa, hummus, and tuna salad are all classic choices. Looking for something a bit more elegant? Salmon mousse, caviar, or spinach dips are delicious!

  3. Add some eyeballs, turn each individual egg into a mini person, write a note on the shell to your guests using a food safe marker, etc. Keep a bowl of water handy for peeling the eggs (if someone feels so inclined to eat it), and small dishes of toppings (see number 2) to add flavor.

 Enjoy! Here are some other creative recipes: Creative Recipes