Gigantic Drunken Gummy Bear

By: Sheila Reynolds

You will not believe how easy this spin on any party goer's favorite is to create. Everyone loves jello shots… Well how about five pound vodka infused gummy bear? You simply slice or hack off its yummy body parts and there you go. You will have gummy drunken goodness. This is a great addition for a Halloween party, especially if you use a red one. You could also do a green one too. Play around with it, make it your own, and have fun.


1 Bottle Vodka
1 Bottle Peach Schnapps
1 Bottle Coconut Rum
1 Five Pound Gummy Bear (your favorite flavor)

Note: You can choose any of your favorite liquors and liqueurs, like grape rum, peppermint schnapps, banana liqueur, and so on. Any will work great.

If you are itching to create your own party masterpiece drunken gummy bear you have to check out this great video:

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