How to Make Iced Coffee

By: Sheila Reynolds

Here's a simple recipe for making iced coffee. Just because summer approaches, it does not mean that people stop having a need for drinking coffee every day. Unfortunately, a cup of steaming hot coffee is far less appealing when it is 80 or 90 degrees outside. Chances are pretty good that is probably why iced coffee was created in the first place. You get the same refreshing cup of coffee, but you can drink it cold instead of hot.

Now, most people will take a trip to the nearest fast food joint and order a large iced coffee every day; most of the time that is going to cost at least three dollars. After a while that is really going to add up. What most people do not know is how easy iced coffee is to make at home! Why spend your money on something you could make by yourself?


8 ounces of ground coffee
4 quarts of cold water
Sugar to taste (optional)

Check out this video to see how easy it is to make iced coffee from your own home:

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