How to Make Perfect Pasta

By: Sheila Reynolds

Frustrated with slimy noodles or undercooked crunch when making pasta? Here is How to Make Perfect Pasta every single time.

How to Make Perfect Pasta




1. Bring a large stockpot of water to a high boil. Add plenty of salt, about two to three tablespoons.
2. Add the pasta to the water. Stir so that everything is submerged and the pasta is moving freely in the water.
3. Keep the water boiling and cook the pasta, anywhere from three to 12 minutes, until it is pliable and has a small bite in the center (al dente).
4. Drain the pasta. Add a ladleful of sauce, any variety, to the pasta and toss to coat. Do not rinse the pasta unless you are making a cold salad. The sauce will keep the pasta from sticking and help to flavor it.

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