Insane "Fast Food Burger" Lasagna

By: Sheila Reynolds

Are you ready for an InsaneĀ "Fast Food Burger" Lasagna recipe? Lasagna is something everyone loves, and there are many variations but no one will be expecting what you will bring to the dinner table. Taking fast food and making layers of carbolicious goodness that will comfort you in your darkest hour. You will need to make a trip to your nearest Burger King, Wendy's, and McDonalds before you hit the kitchen.


15 Big Mac burgers (McDonald's)
15 Baconators (Wendy's)
15 Whoppers (Burger King)
To Taste Jack Daniels infused spaghetti meat sauce
To Taste Big Mac special sauce
1 pound of bacon
2 pounds of shredded cheese
Topping Onion rings

If your heart and stomach is screaming for more, follow the video tutorial below for the directions.

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