Kit Kat Candy Bar Ice Cream Cake

By: Sheila Reynolds

You will love this Kit Kat Candy Bar Ice Cream Cake Recipe. Yes, you read that correctly. This is a recipe about how to turn one of the best candy bars into an ice cream cake.

The first time I came across this recipe my mouth started watering almost instantly. Kit Kat bars have always been my favorite candy bar and I never thought there would be a way to make them better than they already were. If you are looking for a new and interesting birthday cake it just does not get much better than this one. The Kit Kat candy bar ice cream cake is the perfect dessert for just about any occasion. The best part of making this for a part is you never have to worry about if someone else is bringing it. Lastly, it couldn't be easier to make!


19 Kit Kat bars
4 quarts of ice cream

Check out this video tutorial to figure out just how easy it is to treat yourself to this delicious dessert.

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