Mad Scientist Homemade Root Beer

By: Sheila Reynolds

Here is another Crazy Recipe You'll love with this Mad Scientist Homemade Root Beer.

Halloween is the time to have fog machines and unique dishes. One of these unique recipes that you can create will leave your guests baffled. You can make one of the most desired drinks with a few simple ingredients and a large orange Gatorade cooler. It only takes 30 minutes to brew this root beer, and having it on your patio for the visitors will have kids from all over the neighborhood stopping by.


1 Large Drinking Cooler or Stock Pot
1 gallon Water
2 cups white sugar
1 TBS root beer extract
2-3 cups dry ice

If this makes you want to run to the store, visit the video tutorial below for step by step instructions. Wow the children, and amaze your neighbors with a beverage that is created from nothing but water and sugar.