Mediterranean Grilled Sandwich

By: Sheila Reynolds

This Mediterranean grilled sandwich is for people who enjoy the lifestyle of the Mediterranean diet and want a sandwich that is like a burger, but without the meat. To be honest, I was a little hesitant to give this sandwich a try because of eggplant being one of the ingredients. It was not really that I did not like eggplants; I just didn't really know what they tasted like. Despite the fact that the ingredients used to make this sandwich are a little strange, it actually ends up being pretty tasty. My entire family loves eating this sandwich!


1 ciabatta bun
1 small eggplant
1 red bell pepper, sliced and deseeded
1 tbsp. Chevron Goat Cheese
1 tbsp. of pesto
3 tbsps. of extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Do you have a craving for a sandwich, but you want something other than a burger? The Mediterranean grilled sandwich may be just what the doctor order. Check out this video tutorial to see just how easy this sandwich is to make:


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