Party Blacklight Jello Short

By: Sheila Reynolds

If you are planning a party or a get together, you have to try these unique blacklight jello shots! What makes them so special? THESE little giggly gems will have everyone talking and asking for the lights to be dimmed and the black lights turned on.

These shots glow under blacklights and give of a great glow. These would also be perfect for an outdoor evening party. Just string up some blacklights and you will have a pretty blue glow. You can try this recipe with any flavored liquor you wish. Try changing up the liquor, for different tastes while keeping the nice glow.


Tonic Water
Packet of Blue Jello
3/4 cups Coconut Rum
1/4 cup Vodka

Note: Green lime jello works great as well. Try using a citrus flavored rum in place of the coconut flavor.

Check out this entertaining video for all the how-to's on these conversation starters:

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