Pink Salmon Sushi Roll

By: Sheila Reynolds

Pink Salmon Sushi Roll you can make from home. Sushi is refreshing, healthy, and expensive. That is because it takes a lot of care and precision to make sushi correctly. They can cause great frustration, but with the right recipe, you can be a pro in no time. Wow your party guests by serving these beautiful Pink Salmon sushi rolls that will make them think you purchased them. They are perfect appetizers to any meal, or you can have a party where everyone makes their own.


Sushi grade salmon
3 Beetroots juiced
Mango slices
Avocado slices
150g cooked sushi rice
Half a sheet nori
3 tempura shrimp

To make these rolls even easier, watch this video tutorial to see how it is done. Once you have perfected the art, serve them up with homemade wasabi or pickled ginger.