Rainbow Fudge Fun Recipe

By: Sheila Reynolds

Rainbow fudge is fun, delicious, and inexpensive. Fudge makes a great treat for just about event. Everyone likes fudge and you can make the fudge more exciting and visually appealing by giving it a rainbow coloring. What might be my favorite part of making rainbow fudge is that fact that you are able to alter the color without altering the taste. The biggest problem I have with changing the colors of foods is the fact that it alters the flavor. But, you get the same rich and sweet tasting fudge with a unique coloring. Kids are mesmerized by rainbow fudge!


36 ounces of white chocolate
24 ounces of condensed milk
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
food coloring

Fortunately, rainbow fudge is one of the easiest creative desserts to make. Just check out this video tutorial and see for yourself.

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