Rolled Grilled Cheese Sandwich

By: Sheila Reynolds

Everyone loves grilled cheese, how about a Rolled Grilled Cheese Sandwich?  I'm pretty sure I could eat it every day for a pretty long time without getting sick of it. Children tend to really enjoy grilled cheese. Sometimes the problem with feeding children is that they get bored with simple foods even if they like how they taste. That was when I came across rolled grilled cheese sandwiches. It is the same delicious taste of grilled cheese with a whole new look. Rolled grilled cheese sandwiches are fun and easy to make. If you can make grilled cheese, there is no reason why you cannot roll it up.


6 slices of white (or wheat) bread
6 pieces of cheese
1 tbsp of butter

I'm sure your mouth is already watering. Well, stop your drooling and check out this video tutorial to learn exactly how you make these delicious rolled grilled cheese sandwiches.

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