Skittles Vodka Drink Recipe

By: Sheila Reynolds

This Skittles Vodka drink recipe will add a little creative touch to your cocktail hour. Every now and then everyone likes to have a night on the town and enjoy a glass of vodka. Now, Skittles on the other hand are a fruity, tasty, chewy candy that EVERYONE enjoys. Now imagine unwinding after a busy week with vodka that tastes like rainbows! That's right! Skittle flavored vodka. Now, you can enjoy your favorite drink with your favorite candy. Think about it, have you ever munched on Skittles while you were drinking Vodka? Why should you have them separate when you can enjoy them both at the same time?


1.75 liters of your favorite vodka
8.5 ounce flasks (or bottles)
1 pound of Skittles
5 empty plastic water bottles
1 funnel
5 bowls
1 measuring cup
coffee filters or paper towels

Check out this video tutorial to learn exactly how I was able to make this amazingly delicious drink.

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