Super Cute Duck Shaped Appetizer

By: Sheila Reynolds

This super cute duck shaped appetizer is sure to get a smile from your party guests. These bite-sized morsels may be small, but they are big in personality. They might also do the trick on getting your kids to eat their veggies! 


French loaf, cut into rounds and lightly toasted
Cream cheese
Yellow bell pepper
Red bell pepper
Green bell pepper
Pepper corns
Paprika, for dusting


1. Cut the red and green bell pepper into slices. Cut the yellow bell pepper into rounds with a paring knife.
2. Peel and slice the carrots, and then cut carrot pieces into beaks with a paring knife. Hold one beak over one yellow round and carefully make a cutout in the bell pepper. Insert the beak and repeat until all of the duck heads are made. Press a peppercorn into the pepper for the eyes. Tip: make the cut-out for the beak smaller than you think it needs to be for a tight fit.
3. Top each bread round with Frisee and then a dollop of cream cheese. Nestle the duck head into the cream cheese to set it, and then add a slice of red and green bell pepper to each one. Dust with paprika before serving.